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27+ Actionable Tricks For A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

09th, May, 2016 no comments

Emails are still considered as one of the most powerful marketing strategies that can help you grow your business. It’s the quickest and the most effective way through which you can connect with people across the globe and it help you to market your product or services to people in a more personalized way. It also helps you to keep in touch with your loyal customers, who are genuinely interested in knowing about any new changes or development on your website.

Also, unlike other marketing platforms, email marketing by nature is more of an action-oriented strategy as it motivates people to take action immediately be it making a purchase or signing up for a service. Moreover, it is one of the easiest strategies to implement and is a inexpensive means of business communication that can bring you the better return on your investment.

Another beneficial thing about email marketing is that it makes tracking of a campaign easy and allows you to measure results and make changes to a campaign instantly, thereby helping you to enhance your strategy quickly, which further boost your productivity.

To convince you further on the importance of email marketing for your business here is a list of some of its most essential benefits

  • Email marketing improves your brand’s visibility
  • It creates more brand awareness
  • It is easy to implement, share and track
  • It a cost-effective marketing method
  • It helps you to get more return traffic to your site
  • It brings in more targeted customers
  • It generates more leads
  • It improves your click-through-rate, resulting in more traffic
  • It boosts your conversion rate

However, here’s a kicker:

Since this strategy is simple to implement, almost all businesses today make use of this technique and as such it has become quite a challenging niche, in which achieving success has become quite difficult. On one hand, while sending an email is an easy task, on the other hand getting people to actually open and respond to it is hard.

So, what can you do about it? How do you ensure that your email gets opened by your customers every single time? How do you improve customer’s engagement?

No idea? Well fret not, because here is an article that can answer all your queries regarding email marketing

This ultimate guide comprises a comprehensive list of 27+ email marketing tactics, that will help you to build a strong business and help you to create a lasting relationship with your audience. This guide comes in the form of a stunning infographic that gives you a list of tips that can help you improve your marketing strategy.

This infographic provides you with actionable strategies that can be implemented across various businesses and can assist you to create powerful newsletters that will increase your traffic and boost your conversion rate. Additionally, you can also download a printable PDF of this guide and keep it for your reference.

So check out this infographic today and learn the best tips to optimize your email marketing campaign!

27+ Detective Tricks & Tips For Successful Email Marketing[Infographic] by the team at

Email Marketing Infographic


The Ultimate WordPress Development Checklist

30th, Jun, 2015 no comments
WordPress Checklist

Having worked on WordPress themes for many years now, we know developing one is not a cakewalk.

It requires a lot of attention to detail and involves loads of crucial steps, many of which are often forgotten by designers.

So how can one ensure that they have covered every possible aspect of theme development, so as to get a stunning WordPress website?

It's simple.

By following an extremely detailed checklist, like the one we just created for you!

Bonus: Download free WordPress Development checklist PDF that will show you how to tap into the 9 most important WordPress items listed here.

wordpress Development checklist infographic

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Quick Overview of what is covered:

#1. Stylesheet Headers

WordPress comes with default themes during the initial installation, so it is advisable to refer to these default files before starting, so that you get a decent idea about developing your own theme.

Under this section of the checklist, you will find some of the basic header settings related to the theme name, URI, version, etc, which will need to be in place before you move on to the more technical part.

You will also need to make sure that your stylesheet provides details about the theme in the form of stylesheet headers.

/* Theme Name: The Name of your theme   
* Theme URI: The URL for more information
* Description: Theme Description 
* Version: 1.0 
* Author: Your Name
* Author URI: Your URL  
* Tags: Red, black, widget‐ready etc
* Template: If you are building a child theme*/

#2. Stylesheets

The stylesheet is responsible for the visual design and layout of the theme. That is why, it is very important that you pay special attention to the style.css file.

In addition to that, you also need to make sure you maintain the other CSS files in a separate CSS folder.

theme root folder
  • Style.css
/css/ folder
  • Custom.css
  • Print.css
  • Reset.css
  • ie.css
  • Theme Preview Image (screenshot.jpg/screenshot.png/screenshot.gif)
  • Widget Ready Sidebars
  • Add Rules to your Comment form
  • Backwards Compatibility (WordPress 2.5 +)
  • Add Sample Posts
  • Use sprite images
  • Compress the image size.
  • Properly indent the Css and js code

#3. Cross Browser Compatibility

While developing a WordPress theme, one of the most important things to ensure is that your theme is fully compatible with the latest versions of all the major browsers.

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera

#4. Page Templates

Page templates are responsible for the appearance and layout of the page. They are highly specific and generally target an individual page on the website.

Also, naming the page templates gives the WordPress users who are editing the page more control over those specific templates. This section covers all the steps related to the template pages.

  • Index.php
    • Header.php
    • Sidebar.php
    • Footer.php
  • Single.php
  • Archive.php
  • Page.php
  • Home.php
  • Author.php
  • Comments.php
  • Search.php
  • Searchform.php
  • Category.php
  • 404.php
  • Functions.php

#5. Style Elements

Now, before you go ahead, you need to make sure you have styled all the page elements including titles, images, videos, tables, etc, appropriately.

  • h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6
  • Captions
  • Images
  • Unordered lists
  • Blockquotes
  • Ordered lists
  • Tables

#6. Standard CSS Classes

Next thing you need to do is make sure that all the images on your website are aligned properly. The CSS Classes were introduced in WordPress for this purpose.

WordPress 2.5 introduced many classes for aligning images and block elements (div, p, table, etc.), like alignleft, aligncenter, alignright. And if you need to align or style the images separately, you can use alignnone.

Similarly, the same CSS classes can be used for aligning images with captions.

  • .alignnone
  • .wp-caption
  • .aligncenter, div.aligncenter
  • .wp-caption.alignnone
  • .alignright
  • .wp-caption.alignleft
  • .alignleft
  • .wp-caption.alignright
  • a img.alignright
  • .wp-caption img
  • a img.alignnone
  • .wp-caption p.wp-caption-text
  • a img.alignleft
  • .screen-reader-text
  • a img.aligncenter
  • .screen-reader-text:focus

#7. CSS & Markup Validation

Now, you need to validate your CSS using the CSS Validation service. In the same way, also validate your HTML with the Markup Validation service.

  • Style.css

Add alt attribute to image tag

HTML (tip: browser > view source)
  • Index.php
  • The other templates.
  • With/without Comments
  • Login Required
  • Password Protected

#8. WordPress Code

The tags mentioned here are life savers when it comes to developing custom themes. Therefore, it is important that you have proper tags for all the different elements of your web pages in place, as shown below.

<?php include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/x'); ?>
<?php the_time('m‐d‐y') ?>
<?php /* Template Name: X */ ?>

<?php get_template_directory_uri(); ?>
<?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?>
instead of static links to files [images / .js / .css]

<?php define('VARIABLE','VALUE') ?>

for constant value
[For eg: Version 1.1 or Template directory link]

The loop
<?php if(have_posts()) : ?>
<?php while(have_posts()) :the_post(); ?>
<?php endwhile; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

For eg:
get_post_type( get_the_ID())=='POST_TYPE'

Generation of XML site map

#9. Blog Elements

Finally, ensure that all the style elements of your blog are taken care of, and you are good to go!

  • Title/Logo
  • Comments
  • Navigation of Pages
  • Copyright message
  • Navigation of Categories/Tags
  • Past/Next links
  • RSS links
  • Back to Top link
  • Search Form
  • Advertisements
  • Archives links
  • Add Function to unlink the links from the comment and add rel=”no_follow” attribute to the links while submitting the form
  • Social Sharing Links
  • Google Re-captcha on the Comment form
  • Dates/Timestamps

Bonus: Download free WordPress Development checklist PDF that will show you how to tap into the 9 most important WordPress items listed here.

Copyright © 2015 Wefixyourwp

The WordPress Development Checklist is the copyright of WeFixYourWP. All rights reserved. This checklist, or any part of it, may not be altered or reproduced in any format without a written permission from the writers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Affiliate Disclosure

Some of the links in the post above are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, We
will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, We only recommend products or services We use personally and
believe will add value to our readers.


All the information in this checklist is error-free and reliable to the best of our knowledge. However, WeFixYourWP shall not be accountable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of following these instructions. We are not liable for any malfunctioning in the referenced software or services stated in this work.

Unless clearly mentioned, we receive no commissions or payments from the respective suppliers or owners of the software and services mentioned in this checklist.

We only publish information about the workings of certain third-party services, but we do not endorse or support third-party services or products and are not responsible for the functions or authenticity of these services.


Why Is It Important To Address The 404 Page On Your WordPress Website?

02nd, Jan, 2015 no comments

As a web user, I am sure you have landed on this one particular page with a “404 Page Not Found” warning, at some point of time or the other. For those of you who are not aware of what exactly a 404 page is, it is a page that users stumble upon when they mistype a URL or reach a page that no longer exists on a website. A standard 404 Page does not display any useful information, therefore, users generally turn away from your website immediately after landing on a 404 Page.

That is probably the reason why many website owners underestimate the significance of this page and do not give much importance to its design and interactivity. However, many web gurus believe that an appealing and engaging 404 Page can prove extremely beneficial for your WordPress website.

But why would you want to invest your time and money in developing a customized 404 Page when all it is doing is notifying people about a missing page or content? Let me tell you why.

When someone accidentally lands on an Error Page on your website, the first reflexive action of any user, most of whom are impatient beings, is to surf away from your website and move on to another option. So, in a way, your 404 Page may be the only page the user ever sees on your otherwise beautiful website. Now do you understand how crucial this page may be? You may have the most aesthetic website, but if your Error Page is not designed properly, it will all be for nothing.

So how do you ensure that your 404 Page is appealing enough to keep your visitors from running away as soon so they see this error? This is where WordPress weaves it’s magic!

When it comes to fixing a 404 Page, no other CMS is as nifty as WordPress. It provides the most convenient means to turn a bland and unimaginative Error page into a creative and specialized page that conveys it’s objective well and also gives the visitors the option to search for what they were looking for in the first place.

If you are wondering how you can modify this page and make it more alluring, then here are a few tips to help you with the task.

1) First and foremost, get rid of the annoying title of “Page Not Found” or the dull and standard “404 Page.” Instead, use your creativity to rename it with a witty and humorous line that complements the nature of your business and communicates the meaning at the same time.

2) Use delightful and inventive imagery while designing the page, in a way that it impresses the visitors enough to make them stick around and check your website on the whole.

3) Many users expect some kind of explanation on why they have landed on the Error Page. So it would be considerate on your part to explain the problem and provide a solution in the form of alternative options which will help them continue their search. For the extra sensitive users, you can even squeeze in a small line apologizing for leading them to the Error page.

4) Visitors often look for links to other pages when they land up on the 404 Page. Therefore, it would certainly work in your favor if you included a sitemap on the page which will redirect the visitors to the pages they were searching for, especially the homepage.

5) Lastly, dont forget to mention your contact details on the 404 Page. This will give the visitors a reason and choice to get in touch with you for their queries or problems, thereby giving you an opportunity to interact with potential customers.

The 404 Page is as important as any other page of a website. For this reason, it is very important to address this crucial page with care and attention. Also remember, if you want an easy way to customize your 404 Page, there is no other option better than the versatile WordPress. So utilize this wonderful CMS and keep your visitors pleased even when they mistakenly land on your 404 Page.

For your reference, here are some truly ingenious examples of clever 404 Pages.

1) Hot Dot Production

Hot Dot Production

A simple yet quite ingeniously designed page, Hot Dot’s 404 Page consists only of the message, which is made up of dissolving dots that disperse when the cursor hovers over it. It’s creative and interactive.

2) Magnt


Magnt’s 404 Page consists of a clever Venn diagram that wittily describes what could have gone wrong with the search and why you have landed on the 404 Page. It’s not very high on visual appeal but scores with the smart use of a Venn diagram.

3) Audiko


If you want to see the maximum use of creativity and artwork on any 404 Page it has to be in Audiko’s. Depicting a London street backdrop with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, this 404 Page is both artistic and clever.

4) Dailymotion Cloud

Dailymotion Cloud

Using brilliant animation to convey the idea, Daily Motion’s 404 Page depicts a rainy day with a 404 Error on a sign post. The animations while being visually appealing, also convey the message effectively.

5) Walk with You

Walk with You

This 404 Page uses the picture of a waterfall with the message that complements their website, which promotes life coaching. The simple line of “Uh Oh We’ve Got Lost Somewhere” get across the point appropriately.


20 Best Web Hosting Companies For Your WordPress Website

01st, Dec, 2014 no comments

WordPress has emerged to be the most effective and user-friendly CMS and blogging platform of recent times. If you are a business owner looking to develop a suitable website for your enterprise, that helps you connect and interact with your customers in an efficacious way, then WordPress should be your way forward. While most people give the designing and developing aspects maximum importance, there is one other area which deserves much more focus than it is ordinarily given. And that is, the selection of an appropriate web host for your WordPress website.

Every web host needs to fulfill certain criteria, in order to get recognized as a good web hosting company. So, once your WordPress website is ready, and you have to zero-in on a suitable web host, make sure that your chosen host provides;
1) Cost Effective Services
2) SEO Friendly Solutions
3) Good Uptime
4) Excellent Technical as well as Customer Support
5) Generous Amounts of Storage Space and Bandwidth

These are just some of the things to look out for in a good web host. It’s also very important that you choose a host, according to your website’s requirements. Without further ado, here are some of the most recognized and popular web hosting companies on the internet.

In Motion Hosting

In Motion Hosting

Main Services Offered- Business Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Reseller Hosting, Domain Names, Shared cPanel Hosting, PostgreSQL Hosting. Hosting Plans Start From- $4.89/mo

Blue Host

Blue Host

Main Services Offered- Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting, Linux Reseller Hosting, Windows Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Domain Reseller.
Hosting Plans Start From- Rs. 239/mo

Arvixe Web Hosting

Arvixe Web Hosting

Main Services Offered- Linux Hosting, Business Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Servers, ASP.NET Hosting.
Hosting Plans Start From- $4/mo

Host Gator

Host Gator

Main Services Offered- Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Windows Hosting, Application Hosting, Domain Names.
Hosting Plans Start From- $3.96/mo

Go Daddy

Go Daddy

Main Services Offered- Web Hosting, WordPress/Blog Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, Managed Hosting, Dedicated IP.
Hosting Plans Start From- Rs. 125/mo

iPage Hosting

iPage Hosting

Main Services Offered- WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Domain Names.
Hosting Plans Start From- $3.75/mo

Just Host

Just Host

Main Services Offered- Website Hosting, VPS Hosting, Test Drive cPanel.
Hosting Plans Start From- $2.95/mo

Host Monster

Host Monster

Main Services Offered- VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting.
Hosting Plans Start From- $3.95/mo

Fat Cow Hosting

Fat Cow Hosting

Main Services Offered- WordPress Hosting, Domain Parking, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Domain Registration.
Hosting Plans Start From- $49/year



Main Services Offered- Linux Hosting, Email Hosting, cPanel VPS, Domain Name Registration.
Hosting Plans Start From- $3.75/mo

Net Firms

Net Firms

Main Services Offered- Web Hosting, eCommerce, Domain Names, VPS Hosting.
Hosting Plans Start From- $4.45/mo

Dream Host

Dream Host

Main Services Offered- Shared Hosting, Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers, Domain Name Registration.
Hosting Plans Start From- $8.95/mo



Main Services Offered- Web Hosting, Cloud Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Reseller Hosting, Fully Managed VPS.
Hosting Plans Start From- $4.95/mo

Green Geeks

Green Geeks

Main Services Offered- Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers.
Hosting Plans Start From- $3.96/mo

I Power

I Power

Main Services Offered- Windows Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Plans, Dedicated Plans, Email Hosting.
Hosting Plans Start From- $3.95/mo

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

Main Services Offered- Web hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, Flux Dedicated Hosting.
Hosting Plans Start From- $3.92/mo

Dot5 Hosting

Dot5 Hosting

Main Services Offered- Web Hosting.
Hosting Plans Start From- $5.95/mo

Entry Host

Entry Host

Main Services Offered- Web Hosting, Domain Registration.
Hosting Plans Start From- $5.95/mo

Start Logic

Start Logic

Main Services Offered- Web Hosting, VPS Server.
Hosting Plans Start From- $4.50/mo

e Host

e Host

Main Services Offered- Web Hosting, Domain Registration.
Hosting Plans Start From- $5.95/mo

So if you are ready with a brand new WordPress website and are in search of an appropriate web host, this list will surely help you in making an informed decision through comparisons. Pick the best one for your website and enjoy all the benefits that a fine combination of WordPress and a good web host can give you!


Welcome to Our Brand New Website

27th, May, 2014 no comments

Welcome to the brand new website of WeFixYourWP! We are a bunch of dedicated WordPress professionals who enjoy working with this pathbreaking tool. Since WordPress has become the preferred choice of majority of web users, we decided to start a WordPress fixing platform that would cater to all the problems and breakdowns associated with a WordPress website.

Our team collectively has a decade long experience of working with WordPress. Hence, before launching this website, we decided to do some digging and look for ways to present a comprehensive platform to solve any kind of WordPress complications, in the best manner possible. And there you have it! The solution to all your WordPress issues, in one convenient place!

We understand how stressful and messy a website hack or malware attack can be. For this reason, we have simplified the process of contacting and getting your problem across to us. All you have to do is fill in a few details about yourself and your website and tick the service you wish to avail from us. We’ll give you a free quote and then we can take it forward from there.

Another important thing is, we have made the website extremely easy to use and navigate. The design is simple yet appealing and the layout is straightforward, so that it is convenient for our customers to navigate and find the desired service for their WordPress website.

From fixing a hacked website, theme and plugin to upgradation, malware and spam cleanup and SEO setup to WordPress installation and host migration, offers you the best WordPress solutions at the most economic prices in the market!


Who are we?

We are bunch of WordPress enthusiasts who have a collective experience of 10 years in the field. We love everything to do with WordPress and will fix any problems related to this amazing tool, within no time. So much so, that if backup is provided, we can fix your WordPress website in an hour, and make sure that it is not vulnerable to hackers again.

In short, we are your go-to people when it comes to fixing WordPress!



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I was really stressed out after my website got hacked, and was absolutely clueless about what to do next. Then I came to know about these guys and decided to get my website restored from them. Trust me, it was the best decision I’ve made! Not only did they restore my website, but also removed malware and got it running efficiently within no time! I strongly recommend to anyone looking to get their WordPress website fixed.

Chris Lazar