Top 9 Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Website

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It has been more than a decade since WordPress has made it easy to create and manage a website. Whether your own a large enterprise or running a personal blog, WordPress will assist you in creating a feature-rich website. WordPress has now shaped into a complete content management system and is powering millions of websites […]


10 Simple WordPress Security Tips for 2018

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wordpress security tips

In today’s times, WordPress is easily the most popular content management system, as it accounts for nearly 31.1% of all the websites in the world, according to W3Techs. While the cost of creating a WordPress website depends on numerous factors, setting up a WordPress website is easy. WordPress is also easy to manage and update. […]


How Much Does A WordPress Website Cost?

The cost of a WordPress site is contingent on numerous factors such as : The complexity of the WordPress website. The contract duration. The skill set and reputation of the service vendor. The hourly rates and financial circumstances within the local market. Sending the same request for proposal to a freelancer in Asia and an […]


7 HTTPS Implementation Mistakes To Avoid in 2018

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7 https implementation mistakes

Here is the truth – to move your website to HTTP may not be the easiest SEO bonus. However, you might be left with no other choice because it is a requirement for most websites out there. It cannot be denied that there has been a growth with regard to traffic. As this is the […] READ MORE

10 Critical SEO & Design Mistakes & How to Fix Them, Immediately!

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10 Critical SEO & Design Mistakes & How to Fix Them, Immediately!

While everything might look fine and dandy on the front end of your website, if you are not making sales and conversions there may be underlying problems that you are not yet even aware of. If you are asking yourself the question “do I need to fix my WordPress site?”, then there is a good […]


Should You Think About Search Rankings When You Create Content?

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Hi All, hope our previous article on how to increase website traffic was helpful. Today, we’ll discuss an important topic which is – Should you think about search ranking when creating content? Well, read on to find out! Everyone wants to be on the first page of a Google search for their business. The problem […]


The Ultimate Guide : How to Increase Website Traffic

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Hi There, we hope you enjoyed reading our previous post on the top 10 WordPress SEO strategies that’ll help boost your site’s performance. Today, in this post, we’ll take a look at the best methods to increase website traffic. So, let’s get started. In this modern world so dominated by the internet, website traffic is […]


Top 10 WordPress SEO Strategies You Should Be Using

1. Use URLs Which Are SEO-Friendly Let’s start with one of the easiest things to do, and one of the most important. Google places most importance on the first three to five words of the URL so for the best results, you should be making sure your target keywords, which will usually be the title […]


Top 10 Best WordPress plugins for SEO Agency Site

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WordPress has gained tremendous popularity over the years as a self-hosted platform for websites. The reason behind its success lies in its progressive approach to accepting even third-party plugins. These plugin options offer to meet every user’s unique requirements. It offers options that you have not even thought of. This article will summarize for you […]


27+ Actionable Tricks For A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

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Emails are still considered as one of the most powerful marketing strategies that can help you grow your business. It’s the quickest and the most effective way through which you can connect with people across the globe and it help you to market your product or services to people in a more personalized way. It […]


The Ultimate WordPress Development Checklist

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Having worked on WordPress themes for many years now, we know developing one is not a cakewalk.
It requires a lot of attention to detail and involves loads of crucial steps, many of which are often forgotten by designers.So how can one ensure that they have covered every possible aspect of theme development, so as to get a stunning WordPress website?


Why Is It Important To Address The 404 Page On Your WordPress Website?

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As a web user, I am sure you have landed on this one particular page with a “404 Page Not Found” warning, at some point of time or the other. For those of you who are not aware of what exactly a 404 page is, it is a page that users stumble upon when they […]



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