Top 9 Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Website

18th, Feb, 2019 no comments

It has been more than a decade since WordPress has made it easy to create and manage a website. Whether your own a large enterprise or running a personal blog, WordPress will assist you in creating a feature-rich website. WordPress has now shaped into a complete content management system and is powering millions of websites around the globe. From content posting to social media marketing to managing other online marketing campaigns, WordPress assist you at every step.

1. Best for SEO

It is quite convenient to configure your WordPress site and optimize it to be in the good books of the search engine. This structure of the platform conforms to the SEO best practices.

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

With the support of efficient plugins, it gives you leverage of adding Meta tags, Meta description, keywords, assigning categories and much more to stay ahead in the website optimization journey. Plugins like Yoast SEO packed with powerful features like Canonical URLs, Full control over site breadcrumbs, assistance in writing content, Sitemap functionality and a lot more.

2. Easily Customizable

WordPress provides great leverage to customizing a WordPress theme according to your personal or business needs. Using WordPress theme customizer that can be accessed through the admin dashboard, one can make desired layout changes in real time. Change icons, logos, colours or change the overall appearance of your website. WordPress has given you complete freedom of adding personalized touches in the web design of your website.

3. Run Blog Along with Your Website

At first, WordPress was introduced as a blogging platform and then it got reshaped into a complete CMS system. It allows you to integrate your blog alongside your website to initiate your content marketing strategy.

Run Blog Along with Your Website

So, there is no need to create a separate blog when you have a built-in functionality of publishing your content easily. A well-written content on trending topics helps to grow traffic on your business website and aids in expanding your business.

4. Add Extra Features with Plugins

There are thousands of developers from all around the world that are contributing to making highly flexible and fully functional plugins to enhance the functionality of any website.


Plugins from the image gallery, sliders, fonts, contact forms, calendars to marketing, troubleshooting, and anti-spamming plugins are ready to integrate. These are either available for free on or can be purchased from numerous marketplaces.

5. Responsive Web Design

As with the Google mobile first indexing algorithm update, the mobile version of a website will be indexed first for rankings and then the desktop version will be considered to get indexed. This means those sites that haven’t got mobile-optimized version will surely be indexed but will incur negative impact on rankings.

Responsive Web Design

With WordPress, there is no need to worry about your site optimization, as almost every other theme that has been developed is mobile ready. So, feel free to switch your website to the most flexible open source content management system.

6. Easy to Integrate Social Media Sites

These days’ social media platforms are supposed to be ideal sources of marketing products and services. Marketers initiates their social media campaigns to garner maximum customer interactions and to generate boosts in sales.

Integrate Social Media Sites

Meanwhile, WordPress is providing great assistance by offering a huge pool of social media plugins that facilitates embedding social media alongside your posts to share across multiple social media channels instantly. Hence, as more people reach your posts, more exposure your business will achieve.

7. Ideal for Your eCommerce Startup

WordPress offers a highly flexible approach to managing and promoting your business efficiently. You can create an online shop and sell your products worldwide.

WooCommerce WordPress plugin

WooCommerce plugin provides you with a complete eCommerce solution where merchants can showcase their products and customers can perform transactions with the help of seamless payment gateways like Paypal, Square, and Bambora etc.

8. Huge Catalog of Themes

WordPress has grabbed huge attention from small to large scale business owners in recent years as portraying their products and services has never been so easy. They have a huge community of developers ranging from Indie theme developers to full-time employees responsible for creating elegant themes ready to be integrated.

Newspaper 9 WordPress Theme

These themes are based on a variety of niches and are available on theme marketplaces. Whether you want to start a blog or establish an online magazine, there are hundreds of theme options available to choose from.

9. Excellent Customer Support

If you are stuck while setting up your WordPress theme or having issues related to the integration of certain plugins, you can always contact WordPress customer support to solve your queries. However, the help for plugins and themes developed apart from WordPress core theme can’t be dealt with by their support team. WordPress offers 24/7 support, if you want to resolve your issue on priority basis you can also avail live chat services.

Final Words

With advanced features and user-friendly interface, WordPress has achieved great significance over recent years. Securing a WordPress website is also easy, thanks to the numerous plugins. Many businesses have already switched their websites to this highly customizable platform. So, with huge support of plugins and countless themes, one can easily set up a magnificent and alluring website for personal or business purposes.



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